1H 2017

Singapore Property Market Report


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The private non-landed residential price index is bottoming out at a level just above the 2008 pre-crisis peak. Transaction volume increased 59% YoY as demand equilibrium shifts.

For the first time in 3 years, the proportion of resale units being sold at a loss stabilised. 12% of resale units were sold at a loss of >5% while 41% were sold at a gain of >5%.

Zoom in on 16 properties which are potentially interesting for en-bloc, taking into account factors such as existing owners’ purchase price and current market valuations.

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As overall vacancy rates stabilised in 1H’17, rental price decline for larger units tapered while 1 bedroom rental continues to decline


It is worth looking at properties near recognised primary schools before Primary One Registration for Dragon Year babies begin mid-2018

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