Online Ads. 4 Steps. 60 Seconds.

DREA’s PushAds allows you to create and place highly engaging, animated Ads across Facebook, Google, Instagram and 200+ other sites in 4 steps and 60 seconds.

Our mobile marketing automation technology helps >200 business owners highlight key selling points and create dynamic advertising hooks to engage leads, verify their contact details automatically, craft personalized engagement messages using AI and send them easily through SMS and WhatsApp.

PushAds is a DSP + a Mobile Marketing Automation Platform rolled up into a simple and easy to use App without the jargons and buzzwords.

Save the buzzwords. This is built to be simple and results focused.

Google Ads

Be on top of Google search results and have animated ads on 200+ high quality sites.

Facebook Ads

Reach millions of facebook users everyday and collect their details instantly.

All in ONE App

Start, stop, track, pause all your ads from one single mobile phone App easily.

Engage Customers

Attach vouchers, VIP passes, PDFs to your advertisements as hooks to engage new customers.

Mobile Verification

Automatically verify all incoming contact information. Save time and follow up with only genuine leads.

Auto Followup

Respond automatically via mobile or send automatically crafted follow up messages via WhatsApp.

Reach your target audiences everywhere

Choose who you want to reach and set how much you are willing to spend. The App does everything else for you from creating a stunning online ad, all through to filtering leads and even crafting the perfect follow up message for you to convert them.

Trusted by more than 200 advertisers from leading companies